The H

A podcast about the people and places that make Houston Houston, hosted by local transplant, Luke Brawner.

The H is a long-form narrative series in which each episode tells the life story of a different person in Houston who's contributing in some way to the good of the world.

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In this episode, 85-year old retired Houston hairdresser Ruth Steinfeld shares her life story, beginning in Nazi Germany in 1933, escaping a French concentration camp and eventually finding refuge, peace and her own voice in the United States

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Episode Credits:

  • Produced, edited and mixed by Luke Brawner.

  • Theme music: "No Me Without You," by Robbie Seay.

  • Other songs featured in this episode are by Scott Benton, Cameron Pessarra and Houston instrumental artist, BROR.

  • Artwork by Field of Study.

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Episode Thanks:

Special thanks to Ruth Steinfeld and Cindy Moulton for being a part of this episode.

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